Sticky Young People

It’s in SYC’s DNA to find better ways to support young people in their transition to independent lives. Our design of an innovative approach to youth unemployment is now underway, it’s called the Sticking Together Project. The aim is to create a service that helps young people ‘stick’ to work.

Sticking Together is inspired by SYC’s work over the last three years to develop and advocate for its My First Job Initiative. The fifth ‘pillar’ of My First Job is post-placement support and Sticking Together is the design of a modern, never-before-tried approach to supporting young people.

Why Sticking Together? Well, it seemed natural that the best employment outcome is when a young person experiencing our Job Prospects employment service, and their employer, ‘stick’ to each other, everyone wins. Also, we have a hunch that the service will be built on a coaching model where the coach ‘sticks by’ a young person for an extended period of time.

As the project manager, I’m looking forward to where this project takes us and I’m sure we’re going to learn a great deal. If you would like to know more, contact me any time, Andrew Reilly, Head of Development: or on 0400 101 329.

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