SYC hoping for an ‘Employment Boost’ from the AMP Foundation

Last month the AMP Foundation announced it is offering up to $3 million in grant funding to non-profits with innovative and evidence-based approaches to tackling unemployment and creating jobs. The foundation is looking to form long-term partnerships with non-profit organisations that help disadvantaged Australians gain and maintain work – either through program delivery, thought leadership, community collaboration, social enterprise or other means.

Our assessment is that the Sticking Together Project is an excellent fit and we have submitted an application for $750,000 over 3 years (2016 to 2018). This includes funding for the design work, the pilot, a possible documentary to track the young people participating in the pilot, planning to seek private investors to expand the service after the pilot, and work in 2018 to tailor a scaled-up service for local conditions in disadvantaged communities where it has the potential to have high impact.

In the Employment Boost program AMP said it was looking for organisations that:

  • support Australian marginalised job seekers, including young people, mature Australians, people with disabilities, refugee and asylum seekers, and communities
  • bring about systemic change
  • are experienced in delivering employment solutions
  • can provide evidence of outcomes. If it is a new project,  there must be evidence of research undertaken and a plan to measure outcomes
  • have an interest in and are capable of scaling up programs  or collaborating with others to share their solution

We think SYC is very strongly positioned to deliver on all of these fronts. The announcement will be made in July. Fingers crossed!

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