Wyatt Trust Supporting Good Design

We’ve received some great news this week that The Wyatt Trust in Adelaide has agreed to provide $15,000 towards the cost of the co-design work that is building the Sticking Together service.

The project team is working with a group of disadvantaged young people in Adelaide to design and test a range of coaching tools and methods. We also plan to add a group of disadvantaged young people from Western Melbourne in the near future. Their views on how easy the tools are to use and understand, and how helpful they are in planning actions to maintain or regain employment, are very important to creating a high quality service. The funds from Wyatt Trust will be used to test coaching tools that identify a young person’s stage of work readiness, assist a self-assessment of work-related and wellbeing capabilities, and develop action plans to connect a young person’s development needs to their personal goals for employment.

Goal Setting Tools

We’re very happy to have the support of Wyatt Trust, long-time supporters of SYC and especially HYPA Housing, because they see the importance of taking an innovative approach to help address difficult issues like assisting disadvantaged young people to achieve sustainable employment. We’re aiming to demonstrate strong benefits from the project to encourage Wyatt Trust to support further.

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