TACSI and SYC at Canberra Public Sector Innovation Week

The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) invited SYC to co-present at a workshop in Canberra as part of Public Sector Innovation Week.

The session led by TACSI’s Chief Innovation Officer, Chris Vanstone, was titled “Creating the conditions for social innovation: What does it take to prototype policy and services using co-design methods?” Chris shared TACSI’s experience and international examples of policy design labs which undertake work like TACSI to support all types of organisations to develop, test and spread innovations that change lives for the people who need it most.

A group of about 40 managers from the Commonwealth Public Sector thought more deeply about how to involve their ‘clients’, sometimes service providers and sometimes the general public, in contributing to the design of better services. There were many questions about when and how to use co-design methods. Andrew Reilly, SYC’s Head of Development, talked about how SYC is involving unemployed young people facing significant barriers to work, and small business employers, to create a better way of coaching and supporting young people. The audience was very interested in the techniques for engaging young people, like text challenges and drawing ‘circles of influence’, and the insights this has produced to drive the Sticking Together Project.

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