First Field Report from Carla

This week we have the first contribution from our newly appointed Program Development Manager for the Sticking Together Project, Carla Clarence. Carla has been involved in the project since its beginnings and has been a key part of gathering insights and using them to design the service. Carla has day-to-day supervision of the coaching team and oversight of the pilot service as we begin implementation. Here’s her reflection on the project so far:

“For several months I have been working with an amazing group of young people for the Sticking Together Project.  During that time I have taken them through the Sticking Together Project tools and the coaching model .  We have been testing this service so that when we hit the ground in January in SA & VIC we know that our model works.

What has been most amazing about this experience is that these young people have shaped the way this service is and will be – their input, their trust of us with disclosure of very personal experiences and thoughts, their commitment and most importantly their progress has been a complete privilege to see.  Ben, one of the young people I have been working with is working in security and is now in a position where he is making plans for his future.  This is him after work one day – What a trooper!”


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