Early reflections from our new coach Justin

This week we have the first contribution from the Sticking Together Project’s first coach, Justin McConnell based in Western Melbourne. Justin is trialling coaching techniques with a group of Job Prospects clients from the Footscray and Sunshine offices. Here’s his reflection on the last few weeks:


“Skills Tachometers, Wellbeing Webs, Windows of Tolerance and Where you at?. Confused? These are the new tools designed by SYC that I’m using to assist and support young people in the Sticking Together Project. My group of young people are working diligently on these tools to prepare for and sustain work, set and achieve goals, as well as communicate effectively with employers, co-workers and members of their community.

On a daily basis I’m seeing signs of these young people taking control of their situation and using our techniques to create positive changes and to make commitments to see them through. Dylan (pictured) is filling in the Window of Tolerance to help him identify his feelings and how to manage them. In this early stage of testing these coaching tools, the young people themselves have been extremely positive in seeing signs of growth, development and resilience. Dylan was able to self-reflect that even though he had a less than pleasant experience at a work trial, he knows he is building his work readiness skills in preparation for his next opportunity.”


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