Thoughts on the Project Launch

We recently launched the Sticking Together Project in both Victoria and Adelaide and we’re happy to report they both went really well.

The launches took place at select Job Prospects sites and all the staff have been extremely welcoming of our coaching team and have been very enthusiastic about working closely with us in the build up to January 9th.  This collaboration is invaluable and we’d like to thank everyone involved.

The attached photos are from our Torrensville launch.  We invited one of our young people from the testing phase, John to speak at our launch about his thoughts on how the project has benefited him.  He shared with us how he didn’t think he would be off of Centrelink and working full time as he is currently without the assistance of the project. He also shared how he has changed his outlook for the better towards work in general and is at the same time working towards his long term work goals.  John is a perfect example of how the project has and will support our young people to have better lives.wp_20161026_09_10_27_prowp_20161026_09_11_59_pro

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