First Field Report from Karim

Today we have the first report from one of our new Coaches Karim Gamali. Karim is based in Western Melbourne and is hard at work meeting employers, employment consultants and the young people involved in the project in the lead up to the January launch. These reports from our coaches provide valuable insight into how the project is being received and we’re pleased that so far things are going well for our coaches and participants and Karim was able to share the experience of two young people who are excelling in the Sticking Together Project:

“After a week’s induction and training in Adelaide I hit the ground running with Justin, visiting the Sunshine and Footscray sites to meet the Employment Consultants to touch base about their caseloads of Young people ahead of the recent program launches.

We also visited two young people who were excelling at their workplaces; Tanner has been with Working Surfaces for sometime now and his employer Michael has been impressed with his progress. Tanner recently completed his forklift driver’s license and by doing so has helped Michael and the team at Working Surfaces since he can now work autonomously in the workshop.

Andrew has been working at ASAP engineering for 6 weeks now and Jim his employer has said that Andrew has improved in leaps and bound in his time there and by doing so Jim has increased his working hours. Both of these Young People have worked closely with Justin and spoke at the Sticking Together Launch to share their experiences about the program so far and their thoughts about how the coaching model and tools have helped them to stick it out and develop in the workplace.

The rest of my time has been spent meeting with Young People and potential employers to outline the structure of the program and the many benefits that the Sticking Together Project will bring!”

Tanner in the workshop at Working Surfaces
Andrew helping a customer at ASAP Engineering

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