First Field Report from Kirsten

When we chose our coaches we really stressed the importance of being able to work with, understand and learn from our young people to help them get the best out of the Sticking Together Project. In our latest field report, this time from one of our Adelaide coaches Kirsten, we think it is pretty clear that we succeeded in choosing coaches who have really placed young people at the centre of their work and are committed to helping them ‘stick’ to employment.


“Since starting at SYC as a part of The Sticking Together Project back in October it has been go go go for me and Kara, the other Job Coach for Adelaide! It has been a non stop whirlwind of meeting all types of people such as employers, employment consultants, community support workers and (most importantly) our awesome young people we will be working alongside to stick to employment!


While everything has been so hectic and busy, I have really appreciated the opportunities I have had to sit with the young people and really get to know them. I like nothing more than to sit with a client and learn their story, and find out all about what is happening in their lives. This is called a “person centred” approach of even a “holistic” approach but to me it means doing one of my favourite things, talking and nattering away with young people!


A great way to get into the nitty gritty of what is going on for a young person at the moment is using one of our Sticking Together coaching tools called Home, Health, Relationships. This tool has spurred on some insightful and enlightening conversations with my young people, and has helped broach subjects that wouldn’t usually come up normally. Using this tool with young people has enabled me to learn so much about what their home life is like, the relationships they have with friends and family and their health – both physical and mental. This helps me prepare for how I am going to support these young people going forward to achieve their goals in work and outside of work. One of my young people has also kindly allowed me to include a picture of their completed Home, Health, Relationships tool to share on this blog:


It’s only going to get busier and busier as we approach our official launch in January, but bring it on! I can’t wait to meet even more young people and learn all about their unique, fascinating and diverse stories.”

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