Reflections before the Sticking Together Project launch

Today is the official launch of our Sticking Together Project Pilot!  Over the next 60 weeks our team of four coaches will provide one-to-one coaching to 100 Job Prospects clients under 25 years from the Footscray, Sunshine, Torrensville and Marion sites. We’re busy collecting some positive stories from our project participants, but first we have some reflections from our Program Manager Carla on the state of the project and the young people we’ve been working with:


In the lead up to today the coaches in VIC and SA have been working hard to meet as many young people from Sunshine, Footscray, Marion and Torrensville Job Prospects.  The support from the Job Prospects offices to maximise these meetings has been excellent.

Even though we still have a way to go to reach our 100 young people by February it has been an interesting time to reflect to on why these particular young people aren’t working.

Would a young person genuinely choose to be on Centrelink benefits and unemployed?

Why is it that a significantly large number of young people resist the support of Job Prospects and often go MIA?

Going into this we of course had a list of young people that fit the criteria for the project.  Just on paper you think ‘great, we have the young people so all we need now is jobs’ – sounds easy right?

After 13 years working in employment services for Job Prospects I am still amazed at the genuine  obstacles that are holding our young people back from work and am even more intrigued at how resilient so many of these young people are even in their ability to navigate the web of realities and responsibilities that comes with being unemployed.  I genuinely feel that in collaboration with Job Prospects we are giving some of our most disadvantaged young people every opportunity to learn about the world of work, to feel a sense of control perhaps for the first time in their life and to give them a chance at being the best version of themselves in work and in their future.

So big congratulations for getting this far Sticking Together Project and to all involved, I know we are on to something big here.

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