Lights, Camera, Action!

Earlier this month we began work on another exciting aspect of the Sticking Together Project, our web series, which will tell the story of how the young people pursue their goal of sustainable employment. We’re fortunate to have the support of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation to deliver the Sticking Together Project during 2017 and 2018, including supporting the production of the web series.

We began began filming our web series in Melbourne and over the next 60 weeks there will be a number of episodes that will capture our young people’s experiences and the insights of our coaches and our young people’s employers.  Yet again I was bowled over by how open and candid our young people were about sharing their wins and obstacles, even with a camera in front of them.

Karim, one of our Sticking Together Participants, David, James and Nicola

Our film crew was completely professional, empathetic, creative and so enthusiastic.  James Rickard, the writer and director, Nicola Tate the producer and David our camera man were genuinely grateful that they to were being a part of something that is really changing lives.

“It was really valuable to get a closer insight into The Sticking Together project, understanding the journey you have taken to this point, your perspectives and individual hopes and predictions for the rest of the year. SYC is really very lucky to have you all involved. Your commitment and genuine passion for the project and your young people is truly admirable,” Nicola later told us.

Our Melbourne-based coaches, Karim and Justin were also nothing short of amazing in supporting their young people through this process.

We’re now eagerly awaiting the first edit of the video and we can’t wait to share this exciting aspect of the project with you in the future.

– Carla, Program Development Manager

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