Justin’s Field Report from Western Melbourne

At its core the Sticking Together Project is about post-placement support, which is critical to ensuring young people ‘stick’ to their employer and retain employment. The success of this post-placement support relies on high quality engagement with the young person, the rapport built between the young person and their coach as well as the rapport between the coach and the employer.  Justin’s latest field report from Western Melbourne highlights just how important that rapport is and how crucial post-placement support can be for helping a young person ‘stick’ to their employer.

Below are 5 different reasons why one of our young people could have lost his job on 5 different occasions in the past 3 weeks.

As each instance occured the young person has worked with our coach and the employer to see these experiences as opportunities to learn and grow.

Before you read on it seems important to say that these perceived mistakes made by so many of our young people could have been, or should have been avoided, but that’s not the reality, especially when you have grown up in a generational unemployed family dynamic where violence, negativity and poverty are the norm.  These situations below are also things that you learn, if given the chance, so if you have not yet had that opportunity or support to understand the world of work then how could you be expected to achieve without support.

  • Turning up late to work due to the young person not having experience with a routine outside of his home life which is often unpredictable and chaotic
  • Embarrassment around learning – Not being able to grasp tasks at work from the first go – feeling defensive around this and being reactive in a negative way to himself and other workers.
  • Difficulties with communicating with staff – having been brought up in an environment where he has always had to defend himself.  Respect for other employees in their roles and taking direction from them resulted in a  ‘who do you think you are’ response.
  • Out of his comfort zone – being under the daily pressure to be flexible in the work place and to change focus without notice due to the nature of the work led to feelings of self doubt and disinterest in the job.
  • Breaks and time off – feeling entitled to making decisions around when to take breaks and time off from work for family reasons and not understanding how this affects the other team members and him ultimately in the end.

The young person was at the stage of wanting to throw the job in, but his coach Justin spent 3 hours at his work place supporting him and discussing what was really important to him which is being a good role model for his baby daughter.  He wants to teach her not to give up even when it is hard.  ‘Im going to stick it out’ he said to his coach Justin at the end of the week.  A combination of our coaching service, a devoted coach, a completely supportive employer (that’s a whole other blog post) and the young determined person himself means that even on a day by day basis great positive change can come from persistence.

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