A Day in the Life of a Coach

Earlier this month our Program Development Manager Carla was lucky enough to present at an SYC corporate strategy meeting about a day in the life of a Sticking Together Project coach.  In our latest post Carla has expanded on one particular story which highlights the tremendous work Kara has done with one of our young people.

Reflections from our coach Kara

1.)    6:30am – Received a distressed phone call from one of my YP who was having an anxiety attack about not feeling like he could go to work that day.

2.)    9am – After several phone calls and breaks in between to allow my young person some breathing space he agreed to meet me at a café.

3.)    10am – Met my young person at a café and discussed where he was at, why he was experiencing so much fear and physically crippling symptoms.

4.)    10:30am – Walked my young person around the corner near to his work. He was due to start at 11am.  When we discussed him starting work again at 11am the intense anxiety was still in his way.  I explained to him how far he had come since 6:30am this morning. I also explained to him how much better he may feel if he was to walk into work and face his fear even if it was to simply say I am not up to working today.

5.)    10:55am – waited around the corner as my young person bravely approached his boss to explain that he could not work today.

6.)    11:05am – congratulated him on the immense journey he had just completed and encouraged him to go home and rest.

Notes from the employer on how the young person is going

Some of you might think “well that doesn’t seem like a good news story”, but up until this point, in the last 4 jobs that have fallen down for him, this young person has never even started at point one.  When anxiety would strike him as it did that morning he would instead call no one and go MIA.


This job was on very shaky ground by this stage even though the employer was trying to come up with ideas about how he could help this young person, unfortunately to no avail. What occurred here was that this young person started to realise that he did have some control in his own life outcomes and the support of his coach to guide him through the challenging times.   In just over a week of this day occurring and with multiple daily contact from his coach he had accepted the ending of one job ( a blow that had previously taken him weeks to recover from), secured HIMSELF a whole new job (at the heart of Sticking Together is enhancing independence) and learnt about what he does not want to occur in his future.


To us that is a super good news story.

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