SYC Harmony Day Helps Jason Get Job Ready

Last week two of our young people attended the SYC Harmony Day event. Those of you who were lucky enough to attend this great event  may have had the pleasure of speaking with  Jason, one of our Sticking Together Project participants.

Jason saw coming to this event as a way of improving his communication and networking skills.  For some of our young people, mustering up the courage to speak with people and employers is terrifying so being able to mingle with a group of people he’d never met before was a great opportunity for Jason.

Kara and Jason have worked together very closely over the last couple of months to build Jason’s employability, wellbeing and his self-esteem which gave him the confidence to turn up last week.

Jason at the SYC Harmony Day event

The timing turned out to be perfect because since Harmony Day Jason has presented to 2 employers and has been offered 2 jobs. He has accepted one and starts full time next week.  He is in his new place of work today as he asked his new employer if he could familiarise himself with the work place before his official start date – what a legend.

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to say hello to Jason last week as it is these significant human interactions that harness self belief and pave the way for progress.  Good Luck Jason!

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