Helping a young person break into Accounting

It seems timely that, reflecting on last month’s Harmony Day, we share the story of one of our young people who came to live in Australia as a young child and recently shared his Australian journey with his coach Kara.

K arrived in Australia as a refugee  from Iraq as a young child.  He is now 22 years of age and recently completed a University Degree in Accounting.  Whilst putting himself through Uni he managed to do some casual cleaning work to make ends meet.

He shared with Kara that he completed a semester of his studies in Kuala Lumpur.  He described how travelling there was a new experience to him because it was the first time he had travelled without worry or fear.

When K joined the Sticking Together Project he had secured some work on day shift at a poultry processing factory. He was also applying for his dream job but was not getting anywhere.  His coach Kara helped him to come up with a strategy to get into his chosen field, which started with Kara helping him to secure an internship within an accounting firm.  Kara also coached K about how to negotiate with his employer about switching his shifts so that doing the internship didn’t mean loosing the job that he so needed.

That’s right, since then this young man has been working a night shift job and doing his internship during the day – what amazing commitment.  Since having his internship on his resume and having a new found confidence he has started getting interviews for paid positions within the accounting field and is so much closer to securing an opportunity.

Even though it seems evident that young K was on the right track, learning to negotiate and present to employers, believing in his value and knowing how to navigate the world of work were his stumbling blocks. Even though he is yet to secure an accounting role, K is controlling all aspects of making this happen and it is no doubt just a matter of time and we look forward to sharing an update on his success.

F talking to staff at the SYC Adelaide Harmony Day event

The attached photo is another one of our young people who moved to Australia from Vietnam at the tender age of 12.  At the Harmony Day celebrations at SYC’s Head Office F educated me and the coaches about what Harmony Day really means (more then what I knew) and then used the event to practice his networking skills to improve his confidence when talking with employers – what a star!

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