Sticking Together young people ace On The Run pre-employment program

Over the past few weeks five of our Sticking Together young people were lucky enough to take part in the ‘Get Into Retail’ program with On The Run. The ‘Get Into’ program is a pilot run by the Prince’s Trust International and SYC to help young people gain employment. The participants undergo pre-employment training, mentoring and on the job training with employers guaranteeing interviews for all participants and minimum job commitments. Our coach Kirsten was there to help our young people throughout the process:


The last two weeks I have had the pleasure of being a part of the latest pre-employment program being run by Job Prospects in collaboration with On The Run for young people. Out of a class of twelve young people from all over Adelaide, we were fortunate enough to have five of our Sticking Together young people get into the program! It was a bit of a process for our awesome young people to get accepted into the program, but each of our young guys absolutely shone in the pre-screen interviews and the group interviews before they were selected to take part. Before even starting the training program, they all demonstrated their skills, motivation and unique personalities to the interviewers, with only a little bit of coaching help from me.

Kirsten with the Sticking Together young people who took part in the program (L to R, Cheiron, Felix, Kirsten, Chad, Zach & Jono).

Throughout the two weeks I was able to watch and take part in the classroom learning component of the program. All of the young people learned about the in’s and out’s of working in retail ranging from customer service skills to working well with others and deepening their understanding of what it takes to run a retail store. Over the two weeks the young people also worked in small groups to develop their own small business concepts which they then had to present to the rest of the class in the form of making an induction booklet for potential new employees. I was lucky enough to get to watch these final presentations and see firsthand my guys demonstrate their growing confidence and awesome public speaking skills. Our young guys are just so charismatic and funny, I had to try very hard to keep my laughter in while watching their presentations! It is so awesome being able to take part in a course like this where everyone is clearly having such a good time while they learn.

Zach, Cheiron and Chad receiving their certificate of completions for the course.

Now that all five of our young guys have passed the classroom part of the course with flying colours and have received their Certificate 3’s in Retail, they are ready and raring to go for their work placements happening this week! Each young person has been assigned an On The Run site to do three days of work experience at this week. This will give them the opportunity to not only use and develop their new retail skills, but to also prove themselves to this potential employer. I look forward to hearing all about how they go at the stores when I check in with them multiple times this week to provide support, answer and questions and help manage any issues that may arise.

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