Job Prospects Sunshine Sees the Benefit of Sticking Together

After 19 weeks of piloting the Sticking Together Project the feedback from young people, employers and Employment Consultants is starting to roll in. This feedback is a great addition to the data we’re collecting and in this post we’re pleased to share with you the feedback we received from Michelle, a Senior Employment Consultant at Job Prospects Sunshine, on what working with the project has been like and the changes she’s noticed in her young people:

“My personal thoughts on the Project to date is that it ‘has exceeded expectations’  with the success and achievements that the Project has delivered to date.

I did have my doubts initially on what difference this Project was going to make or, in fact, be able to even connect with the disengaged Youth on our caseloads. To my surprise any initial doubts quickly passed. From the very beginning I realized, through my own discussions with my jobseeker’s involved, that there seemed to be a very positive reaction to the rapport and communication made by the Coaches involved, Justin and Karim.

Following shortly after were the results of how effective the program was proving to be. Jobseeker’s had started to engage more, remain in employment through times of uncertainty and our young people were feeling that the one on one support provided was more available, accessible and genuine than other services I had tried to link them to previously.

In addition, I feel that everyone involved in the ‘Sticking Together Project’, Andrew, Carla, Coaches Justin and Karim, and the team at Sunshine Job Prospects have played a part in the success of the Program so far. Looking forward to what the future brings.”

Mina from JP Sunshine with the Sticking Together Project flyer

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