Young People of Sticking Together: Jasper

The Sticking Together Project doesn’t just help our young people find and stick to work, it looks at the young person’s overall wellbeing and focuses on ways to improve their home, health, and relationships which can all impact their experience of work. This approach relies on the development of a strong, trusting relationship between the young person and their coach and the feedback we’ve received from one of our participants, Jasper, makes it clear just how much of a positive impact this relationship can have on a young person’s life.


How is the Sticking Together Project different compared to other services you have experienced?

I have found sticking together refreshing in that it is someone I can trust and open up to. There is a genuine relationship where I am supported, assisted and treated with respect. I feel at ease to call Justin anytime about anything, they are mobile, we meet wherever is convenient or accessible and are available to support me 24/7.

How important is it to you to have a coach like Justin? What are the benefits?

His encouragement and belief has been so important. I had low self-esteem and belief in my abilities but he has shown me the way and my personal growth has been  massive. I now have a clear career path, and am happy and proud of who I am now. Not only am I pursuing a career as Police Service Officer whilst working casually in retail, I am reconnecting with friends I haven’t seen in years because I’m now happy with who I am, my self worth has improved so much. It is great to talk to someone that has the knowledge in not only helping me build a career and but also help me be more outgoing. My family have noticed I am happier, have more energy and am out of the house more.


If you weren’t involved in the project how would things potentially be different for you right now?

I wouldn’t be as confident, I wouldn’t have applied for the PSO position, wouldn’t have met up with friends and would still be doubting myself and my future.


There’s a strong chance I would be just in a cycle I didn’t want to be in.


What would you say to another young person about the project?

Yes you should do it 100%. It has been extremely helpful!


There were times I felt worthless and depressed but since joining the Sticking Together Project, it has inspired confidence and purpose. My change has been so positive and my life has changed for the better – I am happy and confident for the future. I couldn’t say that before started this!

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