Sticking Together Job Club

Hello readers! Just a quick post this week because I want to tell you all about the Sticking Together Job & Social Club that Kara and myself (Kirsten) are running in Adelaide! This has not only been very exciting for us as coaches, but the young people really seem to be enjoying it and getting a lot out of it as well!

The job club part is just for our young people who have yet to find work, or want to find work which will give them more hours. Every Tuesday we meet up at the Marion office, and for an hour and a half we are busy busy busy and very task focused as the lovely Kara teaches our young guys about all the best ways to look for work and how to maximise their chances of landing a job. This includes talking about practical skills such as tailoring resumes, making cold calls and how to best find job opportunities out in the real world through cold calling. We also do activities surrounding personal development and wellbeing, talking about what motivates and inspires us to find work and to overall better ourselves. Our focus so far has been on using the skills tachometer to further explore our young guy’s workplace skills such as initiative and planning/organisation.

Then after all that intensive productivity, we head downstairs to The Tea Sanctuary where we have our little social club. This part is open to all our young people in Sticking Together, so a few of our guys who are working make the effort to come by around their shifts. This is my favourite part of my week because we all just get to hang out, talk about our work and our lives and drink coffee and eat delicious tiny cakes! Sometimes one of our young people will even bring a game for us all to play. It is a very fun relaxed environment where we can all hone our conversational skills and get a little bit social.

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