Queensland Coaching Begins

Week 1 for the QLD pilot began last Monday 30th Oct.  The QLD coaches have done an amazing job reaching out to the young people that need and deserve this project and recruitment is nearly finalised for the 90 young people.

The QLD pilot may be in its early days, but the team are already achieving some great results. Nick was Cherise’s first sign up in Townsville and she started working with him straight away to provide support in maintaining and repairing his relationship with his employer. Nick has had 10 jobs in the past four years and each of these jobs has fallen through due to a common trigger; anxiety driven decision making.

After chatting with Nick’s employer Cherise discovered that the main thing he demands is reliability from his staff and, in the first two weeks of his employment, Nick had missed two shifts. When Cherise met Nick for their second catch-up he said he had a cold, but he agreed to go to work the next day and see how he goes so he didn’t miss a third shift. Unfortunately, when Cherise checked-in with Nick the next day to see how he was going he told her he hadn’t gone in to work and he hadn’t called his boss Laurie. Nick’s nervousness and anxiety around speaking to his boss was again putting his job at risk, which is common for many young people we’ve worked with through the Sticking Together Project.

















Sensing he may be at risk of losing his job Cherise went to Nick’s work to meet Laurie. Cherise spoke to Laurie and while he again stressed his need for reliability he agreed to give Nick the opportunity to start fresh from here if he showed up at work tomorrow and all of the next week. This was a fantastic outcome and Cherise went one step further, taking the opportunity to get some positive feedback from Laurie about Nick as a worker to encourage Nick a little more.

After the meeting Cherise called Nick, who was expecting the worst. Cherise told him that he has another chance and it will go a long way in his boss’ eyes if he makes a solid effort to show up every day next week. More importantly, she also told Nick that Laurie said he is a good worker and that’s why they rely on his being there so much. This positive feedback and reinforcement led to an almost instant 360 from there in Nick’s mood and stamina.

He showed up the next day and everyday since, and even volunteered himself to work a weekend. With support from Cherise Nick has now kept his employer Laurie happy and kept his job. Building a young person’s confidence and helping them to get over their work-related anxiety is an important part of the mentoring work done by our Sticking Together coaches. It can often be the difference between a young person sticking to their job or losing it.

Finally, before the 30th October kick off we were lucky enough to have an all coach workshop in Melbourne where all 7 coaches from SA, VIC & QLD were able to be together, reflect on the progress to date, share best practice and plan for the future.

Here is Marcel from Logan and Justin from Victoria at the workshop.

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