Coaching on Foot

Recently our Sticking Together Program Development Manager Carla had the pleasure of joining a ‘coaching on foot’ activity with the SA coaches and 3 of the SA young people in the project.

Coaching on foot involves our young people targeting a specific location and, with the support of their coach, approaching employers to seek opportunities. For these young people, getting out there and seeking these opportunities face-to-face shows how much they’ve developed their confidence and shifted to a positive attitude towards work.

Importantly, coaching on foot has proved to be a successful tactic. Sarah, one of the young people in this photo, managed to secure herself a job out of this most recent coaching on foot experience. Even though she was supported by her coach to do this she did the critical component (approaching the employer) on her own.

As Carla observed, “Most of us can probably recall seeking work in a similar vein when we were young.  The beauty of experiencing a win like this is this new found belief in yourself doesn’t tend to leave you for the rest of your life and this learning is at the heart of what the Sticking Together Project is promoting and accomplishing.”

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