Web Series Launch

Since the beginning of the Sticking Together Project pilot we’ve been working on a companion web series to document the journey of the young people, employers, and coaches who are working with the project in Victoria. While filming is still underway, we couldn’t wait to share the incredible stories that have been captured so we recently shared the first three episodes with select stakeholders in SA, VIC, and NSW.

To accompany the videos we were lucky enough to have a Q & A at each launch with some of the young people and coaches as well as employers in SA and VIC.

Q & A with Kara, Olivia, Kirsten, Chad, and Andrew

At our SA event Sticking Together coach Kirsten was joined by two of her young people, Chad and Andrew who spoke at the launch.  We also had the pleasure of being joined by Olivia, Andrews manager from ECH.  Olivia spoke of the stark contrast between Andrew and other young employees at ECH in the sense that his positive progression has been rapid, consistent and, in some cases, remarkable.  Chad and Andrew spoke about how they had grown, how they didn’t think this growth was possible prior to their involvement in the project and how they now have an optimistic outlook about work and their future, with both celebrating the fact that they were both off of Centrelink.

Chad, Kirsten and Andrew at the SA launch

For the Sydney launch we flew our Victorian coach Karim and one of his young people Freeland over to introduce NSW to the Sticking Together Project.  Freeland spoke of the consequences he suffered during his unemployment and how the project had enabled him to not only identify his strengths but guide him on where he was going wrong. Freeland spoke openly about his new found confidence in independently being able to navigate the world of work, the steps he was taking to ensure career progression and, like Chad and Andrew, celebrated the fact that he is off of Centrelink and financially supporting himself.

Freeland and Karim at the NSW launch

At the VIC launch we also had the pleasure of having Abdel, one of Justin’s young people, speak about how the project had not only supported him to secure work and sustain it but that he had also moved into better accommodation, had a reliable car, had completely paid off a substantial amount of fines and, like the other young people mentioned, was looking forward to this future. In our VIC launch we were also lucky to have one of our employers Con, the Warehouse Manager from Jeffersons Group, present. Con spoke volumes on how the project was adding value to his business by having a service that provides work ready young people that are truly supported to succeed. He is also extremely hopeful and enthusiastic about embedding the Sticking Together Project into the recruitment strategy for his business in a way that is long term and sustainable.  To date Con employs three Sticking Together young people and has a fourth starting soon.

Thank you to everyone who attended and extra big thank you to the young people for making these launches an absolute success. We look forward to sharing the complete web series next year so stay tuned!

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