A Welcome Phone Call


When the Sticking Together Project pilot began it targeted 100 young people Adelaide South, SA and Western Melbourne, VIC. For various reasons there have been young people who have moved out of the service area during the pilot, but a call this week to Kara, one of our coaches, showed just how far some of our young people have gone.

“Earlier this week I received a mysterious phone call from an international number and my 1st instinct was ‘please do not let this be a telemarketer’, but it turned out to be one of the best calls a coach could receive. It was a thank you call.

Jason H was on the other end of the line calling from Christchurch, New Zealand, which just happens to be his new home. He arrived in his new homeland on Sunday and will be recommencing work this coming Monday with the same employer, Bidfood, which Sticking Together helped him gain employment with in April 2017. It has always been a dream of Jason’s to live in NZ and through his hard work and support from both his coach and employer he has been able to live out that dream.

If we dial back to the beginning of the project Jason (19) quickly identified that communication was the skill he needed work on the most, the skill that scared him, but also the skill that he believed would help improve every other skill area. We discussed at length what Communication meant to him and he told me this ranged from talking to people, texting, body language and understanding just for starters. Jason then identified why he thought he lacked in his communication skills, mainly due to his confidence and even more exact he told me he lacked charisma. As a team we worked on these and other factors to help him increase his confidence and within a few months he had commenced full time employment. From here he stepped up in leaps and bounds, he bought his first car, began playing soccer again, moved out of home and managed to save for a holiday. These were all things we had identified as his goals. Month by month Jason was smashing through his goals and maintaining focus on the future.

Despite settling into NZ, without friends and family in his new homeland, ecstatic with his new life, achieving yet another major goal and getting excited about starting work this week Jason took the time to call me:

I wanted to call you and thank you, I never believed I could have done this and without you helping me I don’t think I could have. You’ve changed my life and I can’t thank you enough. You helped me achieve every goal we set.

This is why I say it was possibly one of the best phone calls I have ever received!”

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