Reflecting on 60 Weeks With Molly

60 weeks is over and coaching for the Sticking Together Project Pilot in South Australia and Victoria has now ended.  We’ve now shifted our focus to analysing all of the data we’ve collected during the pilot and ensuring the Queensland project continues to achieve great results, but in the mean time we wanted to share with you a personal reflection from one of the young people on the impact the project has had on their life. Below Molly, from South Australia, has shared in her own words her Sticking Together experience.

The Sticking Together Project has been one of the best things to happen to me. I have failed, learned and succeed whilst undertaking this opportunity and I am 100% better off for it. Before the program I was working very inconsistent weekend hours in hospitality, depressed with little to no self-worth. I could not envision my future.

Job search for me eventually got to the point where the concept of rejection from advertised jobs did not phase me as I didn’t really care to put the effort in when applying.

My relationship with my family was also something that I was failing at, I hardly spoke to my parents or brother. One of my goals in life is to become fully financially independent from my parents as my dad paid my rent and bills.

The process of trying to achieve these goals was a massive grind, in a good way.

My first major goal in getting a full time job was when I went through the interview process for a part time position at On The Run, after thinking I nailed the second stage group interview I left feeling pretty confident, unfortunately due to a small mistake of being a little too honest I missed out on advancing to the third stage of interviews. This experience left me pretty crushed, I prepared hard and really pushed myself. Bouncing back from rejection was a struggle especially because I felt like a failure more than before.

Molly and Kara
Molly (R) with her coach Kara (L)

When the opportunity to apply for a position at ECH was presented to me I was apprehensive but eager to give it a go, through this interview process I was more hungry for it. After 4 weeks of full-time study/work experience and more final interviews I got the full time job.

– Full time job goal achieved

In the mean time I have been regularly calling my parents to have a chat, not because I needed something. This as well as learning to let little things that annoy me about them slide, has helped me to have a more healthy relationship with Mum and Dad.

– Better relationship with parents achieved

I have not yet achieved all my goals, saving money is still a work in progress but its something to work towards.

Now nearing the end of the project I take a look back at the previous months and feel proud of what I have achieved, pushing myself and not letting the voice of doubt hinder me (most of the time) has been massive. The support, guidance and opportunities given to me by my coach Kara and the program has been the crucial factor for turning it all around. Without it I would undoubtedly still be depressed, feeling lost and working 15 hours a week.

I feel as though my life has had a jump start and a direction set, now all I have to do is try and stay the course.

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