It’s in SYC’s DNA to find better ways to support young people in their transition to independent lives. The Sticking Together Project is our innovative approach to youth unemployment. The aim is to create a service that helps young people ‘stick’ to work.

Sticking Together is inspired by SYC’s work to develop and advocate for its My First Job Initiative. The fifth ‘pillar’ of My First Job is post-placement support and Sticking Together is the design of a modern, never-before-tried approach to supporting young people.

The project is now running trials in South Australia, Victoria, and Queensland that will support over 190 young Australians to stick to work.

About SYC

SYC has a relentless belief in people and their potential. We provide services that foster wellbeing, independence and opportunity for all Australians.

A not-for-profit organisation, SYC invests back into the Australian community, helping more than 55,000 people every year with housing, education and employment.

Founded in 1958 to support young people experiencing disadvantage, we now extend this expertise to people of all ages.