Project Team

Sticking Together is a cross-divisional and collaborative project, drawing on the expertise of Job Prospects, HYPA, SYC, The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) and the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). The project is overseen by a governing committee including:

Carolyn Curtis, CEO, TACSI

Paula McDonald, Professor of Work and Organisation, QUT

Peter Kent, Chief Executive, Porter Novelli Australia

Elyse Sainty, Director Impact Investing, Social Ventures Australia


The project team working on design of this new service consists of:


Sandy McAllister, Development Team

Charlotte Paton, Development Team

Stacie Walker, Development Team

Andrew Reilly, Development Team

Chris Vanstone, TACSI

Kerry Jones, TACSI

Ione Ardaiz Osacar, TACSI

TACSI is also evaluating the South Australian pilot project performance by undertaking observation of coaching and reflection sessions with the project development team and coaches.


The operational team for the service in South Australia, Victoria, and Queensland consists of:

Stephanie Brauer, Manager, Sticking Together Project

Carla Clarence, Sticking Together Project Program Development Manager

Justin McConnell, Sticking Together Project Coach

Karim Gamali, Sticking Together Project Coach

Kara Parrington, Sticking Together Project Coach

Kirsten Barlow, Sticking Together Project Coach

Bruce Graham, Sticking Together Project Coach

Cheriese Ally, Sticking Together Project Coach

Marcel Ford, Sticking Together Project Coach

A research team at Queensland University of Technology is separately undertaking research contributing to the evaluation of the project in Victoria and Queensland.